How to Unblock YouTube

Access all geographically blocked YouTube content!

YouTube is without the doubt the best known video portal on the internet. It is also one of the most trafficked websites. With millions of videos there is always something interesting to watch. TV programs, music videos – everyone will find something for him. YouTube also allows you to upload your own videos and share them with your friends.



Still, YouTube could be blocked or movies on YouTube could be unavailable for users from some countries. Many corporations create weird restrictions based only on user’s location – blocking content and videos arbitrarily. There are millions of interesting movies available only for USA and Canada. YouTube can easily determine user’s location by tracing his IP addresses.

Who blocks YouTube?

  • Schools, Universities
  • Private organizations, institutions
  • Companies, offices
  • Whole countries

Why YouTube might be blocked?

  • Cultural,
  • Political
  • Security related,
  • Controlling productivity.

What can you do to bypass these regional limitations or YouTube blocking?


There is a way to solve this problem. And it is not as hard as it may seem. The best way to unblock YouTube videos is to hide your actual IP address using a VPN service.

Regardless why and where you want to unblock YouTube videos, a VPN service will allow you to do so. 

What is a VPN?

VPN helps you become anonymous and protects your online identity by tunneling all your communication through a secure and stable server. No unencrypted data can enter the tunnel, so all your personal data is safe and practically invisible. VPN also changes your visible to world IP address. That way all your personal data – your passwords and usernames – is secured from being stolen.

VPN services not only protect your privacy and ensure your anonymity. They allow you to avoid other popular difficulties with your Internet connection such as any government restrictions, office filters and Internet limitation or geographical censorship.

Finally a secure VPN service lets you connect from anywhere in the world to the country you choose. It means that you can unblock all YouTube videos and watch TV or music videos in complete privacy.

There are several VPN services you can choose, so it is an important issue to find a reliable VPN provider that guarantees you good, quick but at the same time a safe connection, many VPN servers located all around the world and a stable connection.

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How to use a VPN provider?

 When connecting to the internet through a VPN service, you will easily bypass all YouTube blockages and restrictions. All you need to do is choose a VNP server (for example an American servers if a YouTube movie works only in USA), and this server will work as a middleman between your computer and YouTube server.

And when a site administrator will try to detect your location, they will find the location of your remote server (in this case, you’ll appear as an American to the administrator). This way you will bypass all blockings and connection restrictions concerning YouTube (and other similar services like Hulu).

After connecting to a particular VPN server, you can just go to YouTube and watch the video you wanted to see. There will be no more restriction blocking you from doing so.

Three simple questions:

  • Is YouTube blocked by your ISP?
  • Do you want to unblock YouTube?
  • Do you want watch videos on YouTube?

If your ISP blocks the access to YouTube , VPN is the perfect solution! You can unblock YouTube using a VPN service in just a few seconds at the same time taking care of your online security and privacy.

How to Rent YouTube Movies Outside the US?

It's time to rent a movie!

Did you know, that YouTube has created a new service: online movie rentals. It started with just 3000 classic movies, but quickly expanded their collection adding more movies. YouTube singed a deal with for Paramount to get 500 new movies, and another deal with MGM adding around 600 movies. They are regularly adding new movies, frequently including classics (like West Side Story for example) and independent films.

Google (which is the owner of YouTube) is working on deals with other major U.S. film studios and on deals with independent studios. You can be sure that YouTube’s catalog will quickly become competitive with movie catalogs of Netflix or Hulu.

Unfortunately all videos are available only in the United States and in Canada. So even though this movie rental service seems like a great new thing, its availability is so limited, you can’t enjoy it.

All you have to do, is appear as an American to YouTube to bypass all the restrictions. And Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enables you to connect to VPN servers according to their location. So basically you can connect through a VPN server in the US, get a new IP provided by the server and easily access all the geo-blocked content.


Google/YouTube is signing more and more deals with content providing companies allowing them to geo-block it and restrict access to it. For foreigner users (let’s face it – there are more of them then US users) this practice means lots and lots of YouTube videos will be blocked only due to the country from with an user connects to the Internet.

VPN software is an efficient way to bypass this unfair restrictions and access NOT ONLY YouTube videos, but also American based TV stations, such as HBO, ABC, Fox, NBC or CBS.


VPN software is not only perfect to bypass geographical restrictions but also a great way to take care of your online privacy. Using a VPN provider allow you to encrypt your data through VPN protocol. Nobody will be able to determine your identity or to snatch your personal data (such as passwords, usernames and so on…).

VPN is GREAT for Video Streaming

Getting a VPN service is very cheap. You can find VPN providers with stable and quick servers and pay just a few dollars a month for unlimited bandwidth for video streaming. With the help of VPN you will not only unblock any on-demand service and secure your Internet traffic. You won’t slow down your connection speed so will be able to watch streaming videos with no problems.

Unblock YouTube and watch the videos that everyone else is talking about.