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What is it all about?

Here are some possible uses of the BartVPN software. We care about users privacy, therefore presented characters are fictional, but all incidents are real.

Student who uses the dorm network

Marian is studying history at the university. He lives in a dorm and there he uses the Internet on his laptop. Network administrators have blocked many sites and online services, because they classified them as unproductive.

Marian can’t use Facebook, watch movies on Hulu or Netflix and download the most of multimedia files. Since he has installed the free version of BartVPN - his problems belong to the past. All sites and services are available again and his online activity remains private.

Favourite websites and services unblocked

Privacy advocate who wants to stay anonymous

Liam is a young man who works in the field of new technologies. By virtue of his job, he is up on the online anonymity issues. He knows on what threats may be exposed an average Internet user. Spying, IP address tracking, personal data trade - these are problems against which Liam warns his friends. He also tries to acquaint other users with these issues. He is faithful to his principles, therefore he is using BartVPN every time he publishes posts on favourite web forum or writes e-mails.

Online anonymity received

Emigrant and football fan

Gregor comes from Ukraine, but he lives and works in the UK since several years. He treats his job abroad as a transitional stage - he doesn’t want to forget about homeland. Although the Internet seems to be a free space, he found out the hard way that it is the opposite. Access to multiple ukrainian content is blocked from abroad - he can’t use his social media profile, online bank account and what is worse - he can't watch broadcasts of the ukrainian football league. BartVPN allows him to connect with server in Ukraine and surf the Internet as if he physically was in Ukraine.

Video streaming made available

Mom of teenage girl who likes to surf on tablet

Pat is the mother of 11-year-old Rachel. Since the little girl got her own tablet with Android, Pat had lost control over what her daughter is doing online. She has installed the software which blocks suspicious sites, but she still doesn’t feel so much confident. Rachel still could chat with different people - even with a person who can easily locate Rachel's IP address without good intentions. Pat has bought BartVPN and - with a single payment - she can use it on 3 devices at the same time. BartVPN has appeared on her laptop, desktop and Rachel’s tablet and Pat feels safe now.

Child identity protected

Office worker who handles private matters at work

George works in the office and sells insurance policies. From time to time, when he has fewer customers and less work, he uses company Wi-Fi network for his private purposes - he pays bills, looks for information about his hobby which is fishing, browses online auctions. Because George is using a corporate network - most of the information about what is he doing online can be easily read by the network administrators. For example search phrases or list of visited sites - all this information is sent in plain text on the network. George has installed BartVPN to enrypt and hide his Internet activity at work - at present, the administrators can see just a string of random characters.

Privacy on corporate network received

Traveling couple who want to stay in touch with family

Alicia and Ken are a young couple who love to travel. They often change their place of residence and work and when they aren’t working - usually are on the go. Alicia and Ken always have a small netbook in a backpack, due to which they can stay in touch with family and friends: talk on Skype, share photos on Facebook and Pinterest, chat or send e-mails. Usually, they use public hotspots on gas stations, in hostels, pubs or libraries. Their biggest problem: to use the Internet around the world without any limitations. Many sites and online services are available only in selected areas of the world. Sometimes Skype isn’t available, another time - Facebook. BartVPN turned out to be the best solution for their problems, because allows to unblock all services - regardless of location. Now, Alicia and Ken are able to bypass the geographical restrictions and get easy access to websites from around the world.

Favourite websites and services unblocked

Businesswoman who often uses Wi-Fi networks

Janina is a Management Consultant and travels a lot. She often uses public networks - locations like cafes, restaurants, airports, hotels, and other public places. Her laptop is almost always connected to some public Wi-FI network. Janina doesn’t realize that she’s exposing to danger her sensitive data and anonymity, as well as her customers. Public wireless networks usually aren’t secured and may become an easy target for begginer hackers. BartVPN secures internet connection and guarantee that all of sent and received data are encrypted. Since Janina has installed BartVPN, she uses any network from any place without fear.

Protection on public Wi-fi given

Pensioner who simply doesn't want to be tracked

Jimmy Kovalsky rarely uses the computer, but he watches TV a lot. Recently was very noisy about spying the Internet users. Jimmy is frightened by this whole affair with agencies, Snowden, PRISM and so on. He decided to pay more attention to the online privacy issue and to buy BartVPN - Easy Online Protection.

Online anonymity received

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