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Netflix abroad wasn't a problem
My adventure with BartVPN began a year ago. I was for the first time on a business trip in Germany and I did not have a clue about VPN technology. The situation had changed when in a hotel I wanted to connect to Netflix to watch my favorite show on the laptop. It turned out that Netflix was not available in Germany! I did not think that some pages can be disabled in some countries. A friend from my IT department recommended me VPN software so that my computer could pretend that it was in the U.S. and that’s how I was able to watch restricted websites without any restrictions. I also learned that using the Internet from a new place and even from home is not safe even if you have an anti-virus. My friend made ​me realize that the protection of your computer is one thing, but a secure connection is an entirely different matter! The software recommended by the friend had one fault: IP, servers, protocols, tunneling and other such words are perhaps understandable for someone from the IT department, but I needed something simpler, something that works right away. I began my own search and there it was: BartVPN - incredibly easy to use and stable, perfectly suited to my needs. BartVPN works in the background and I do not have to worry about anything. ... read more
Easy to use
Kenneth B./California, USA
I have used many VPN clients in the trial version, but only BartVPN had convinced me to purchase! Why? – Pricing is transparent, terms of use are really simple, and the program works automatically and reliably. BartVPN does what it’s supposed to.
Privacy at work
BartVPN is doing a great job. I’ve installed it on my computer at work, because I happen to do some personal business online and I didn’t want my boss to see it. One click and I'm invisible. I recommend it to everyone ;).

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Safe access for children
Our home computer is also used by our kids. I can’t allow them to be to exposed to any danger, that’s why we decided to buy a VPN. We already have anti-virus and program censoring adult content, but we needed something that will give us 100% safety. We do not want hackers to know our passwords, credit card numbers or location in which we live. Your BartVPN gave us peace of mind ... read more
Free access
For several years now I’ve been travelling on business. The internet was simpler and everywhere the same before. Nowadays, some countries limit the access to many websites, sometimes servers do not work in some countries and some other times they have limited functionality. When I'm in France, I would still want to browse pages in English. Fortunately BartVPN allows me to cleverly circumvent these limitations and choose a virtual location. I can be at home when I’m travelling and that is the magic that is BartVPN. ... read more
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Fast connection
I found out about BartVPN from a friend at school. I do not know much about this VPN stuff, but I know that it works! I'm a big sports fan and during the last Olympic Games in London, I was not able to watch the event online. It was unavailable for users in the U.S. BartVPN let me pretend I was in England and watch the Olympics. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 and apparently it encrypts my connection so that no one is snooping on my passwords. It's great! ... read more
Uncensored Internet
Attempts to censor the Internet by some countries as well as increased cybercriminals activity have made ​me choose software that will help me improve online safety. I also make conscious choices, so I tested several VPN clients before deciding on BartVPN. Bart proved to be fast, reliable, with no disturbing ads and most of all – it’s affordable for everyone ... read more
Efficient support
BartVPN is a small application of great opportunities. Extremely easy to use and inexpensive. I trust BartVPN as it never let me down, the connection speed is fair and the support is fast. It helps me feel safe whilst surfing the web.
Get torrents
BartVPN allows me to completely and anonymously download files from torrents. Not only that – it allows me to hide all my activity online! Maybe BartVPN is not without flaws, but for what it’s worth it’s perfect for me. Well done!

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