How to Surf the Web Anonymously?

Your main priority online is to protect your privacy!







SecurityThe Internet creates the illusion of anonymity. We all feel like no one can track us down, because frankly – how could they? This false sense of anonymity can be very dangerous though. By simply connecting to the Internet we become vulnerable and share much more personal information, than we usually think.




People usually link anonymous web surfing with some illegal online activity such as hacking, illegal files downloading and other malicious actions. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are a number of legitimate and important reasons why you SHOULD PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY ONLINE.

What's the most important reason to surf the net anonymously?




REMEMBER: Internet sites use a variety of techniques to gather and organize personal information about you. You might not even know how much personal data do you reveal while just surfing online, minding your own business. You're checking your email, your bank account, your Facebook page at the same time revealing important information that anyone can use against you (and even steal your identity!)

Valuable and private information are available for hackers if you won't protect your online privacy and surf the web anonymously!

Reasons to surf anonymously:

  • Believing privacy is a right not a privilege and considering Internet privacy as part of personal privacy.
  • Believing the Internet is the perfect forum to express your opinions freely without any censorship.
  • NOT wanting search engines to collect information about your queries.
  • NOT wanting to be fined or penalized for expressing your right to free speech.
  • Wanting to block online advertisers’ access to information about products you buy and where you live.
  • NOT wanting the government or anyone else to censor your online activities.
  • Living in a country with political Internet censorship
  • Wanting to access blocked sites or search queries.
  • Wanting to access sites with geographical restrictions.
  • Wanting to bypass strict Web surfing filters in your office or school.

Who else can see Your IP?

Your Unprotected IP Adress Is:

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.

 Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation

What personal information can be linked to your IP ?

  • Your name
  • Home address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit card information
  • Social Security Number

Did You know that?

Information and queries associated with your personal IP address are being collected by search engines such as Google. Fox example MSN stores collected information for whole 18 months and Google for nine. That’s really a lot of time, and those search queries could be used to gather even more personal information about you (especially if you’re using just one browser).

Who can track you down and see exactly what you do online?

  • Web site owners,
  • Private businesses
  • Your boss
  • The government!
  • Basically – anyone…

All those entities can create a whole profile on you and learn your likes and dislikes, your habits, every site you ever visited, your address, and your credit card number.


So how to become anonymous on the web ?

To become anonymous surfing online you need to take care of your IP and hide it!

Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. Without IP you wouldn’t be able to connect to the Internet. This particular address identifies you every time you go online whether you have a static IP address or it changes every time you connect to the Internet.

Your IP Address Is Like A FINGERPRINT You Leave Every Time You Visit A Webstie

Your IP address does not reveal any personal, private information about you - only identifies you. Still, connecting your IP address with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the information stored in your Internet browser easily leads to revealing your personal data and real address.




There are number of ways to ensure anonymity. From online web proxies, changes you can make in your web browser, to connecting through special web sites or downloading special software. Yet the BEST way to become safe and anonymous is choosing the services of virtual private network (VPN).

VPN Is Considered THE BEST CHOICE For Anonymous Internet Browsing

Why You Should Choose VPN:

  • REAL Anonymous Internet Surfing.
  • Bypass any geographical restrictions.
  • Bypass any political Internet censorship.
  • Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications.
  • Hiding your real IP address.
  • Protection against your ISP
  • To protect privacy when using a public Internet connection.
  • To get a secured connection for all your programs.
  • Secure and safe financial online transactions.

Advantages of using VPN:

  1. You become anonymous online!
  2. Successfully hide your IP address!
  3. Bypass any Internet censorship and limitations!
  4. Protects your privacy using public hot spots!
  5. Secure all your  online transactions!


  • Your online travels,
  • Your operating system,
  • Your browser,
  • Your machine name,
  • The last sites you've visited,
  • Your Internet history,
  • Your cache,
  • Your IP address,
  • Your geographic location,
  • Other basic information about you




How VPN works

VPN helps you become anonymous and protects your online identity by tunneling all your communication through a secure and stable server. No unencrypted data can enter the tunnel, so all your personal data is safe and practically invisible. VPN also changes your visible to world IP address. That way all your personal data – your passwords and usernames – is secured from being stolen.

VPN services not only protect your privacy and ensure your anonymity. They allow you to avoid other popular difficulties with your Internet connection such as any government restrictions, office filters and Internet limitation or geographical censorship.

Your privacy and Internet security should become your main priority when surfing online. And if they are, then personal VPN services can become the best choice to hide you IP address and surf anonymously online.

Online privacy is your right not a privilege!