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BartVPN - what is it?

BartVPN application BartVPN protects your Internet connection and encrypt all the data you sent and received. It prevents hacker attacks, allows anonymous use of the Internet and gives you the freedom of access to blocked content.

Your ISP or IT providers won't see what are you "googling".

You will not spread information about your real location.

You can download files anonymously without any limitations.

Your privacy and autonomy are protected.

You can safely use public networks.

You are secured when using online banking, shopping etc.

You can unlimitedly use commonly unaccessible sites.

You have access to blocked online content.

You have got complete freedom to watch movies or listen music.

Key Features

  • Easy as ABC – the interface is clear and user-friendly.
  • Automatic   operative – runs automatically.
  • Simply clever – selects the security method by itself.

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Why and when to use BartVPN?

Ryan Cormick
BartVPN user

Nice piece of software and extremely good service. Ideal for anyone with minimum VPN knowledge.

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